Can Two Deaf Strangers Fall In Love?

A few years ago, New
York Times published an article that had 36 questions. These questions could
supposedly make two complete strangers fall in love with each other. How well
do these questions work?

The video below shows two people matched up for a blind date, and both of them are deaf. Patrick McMullen from Michigan, and Ryssa Fleischer is from San Fernando Valley. When they meet, you can see them blush just a bit. You can sense shyness and excitement in both of them as they hug each other. Turns out, they sort of know each other – through friends. But, that really doesn’t matter.

How does the date go? Watch the video below to find out as they go through 36 questions to explore each other and to see if they are one another’s soul mate. They get comfortable with each other very quickly, and embark on a journey that takes them through some fun, and some serious dialogue.

Link to New York Times article:


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