FAQ: How to Adjust the Monaco Chair

The Monaco™ is ideal for patients with reduced mobility or sitting balance who require comfort and support.

With adjustable back angle recline, waterfall back, optional lateral supports, and pressure management materials combined, a high level of positioning and pressure redistribution is achievable without compromising the function or independence in transfers of the patient.

The optional variable angle leg rest can be used to elevate the lower limbs and assist in the management of oedema. With features such as the swivel castors, push handle and sliding footplate easy mobility is achieved within the home or care facility, enabling increased socialising. 

 The Monaco™ is effective for those with the following conditions and disabilities:

  • Minor stroke
  • Reduced mobility
  • Poor sitting balance
  • Lower limb swelling and oedema
  • Post operative rehab needs
  • Postural problems
  • Pressure management needs

The Monaco™ is effective for seating clients who:

  • Continually slide from chairs
  • Need assistance with mobility
  • Have flexible joint contractures
  • Are at risk of pressure ulcers
  • Have oedema or swelling in the lower limbs
  • Have tight hamstrings

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