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Ian Mackay models his RAM Mounts.

Ian Mackay models his RAM Mounts.

One of the joys of life on wheels is laughing when walkers run into things as they try to text and multitask. To make sure you don’t roll into a similar fate, it’s essential to have the proper equipment to keep your hands free while maintaining easy access to your drinks, bags, phones, tablets or whatever else you need. Thankfully, there are excellent options out there for all of these, no matter what your style.

For the Everyday User

Already leading the way when it comes to accessible mounts, RAM Mounts upped the ante this fall by launching an accessibility catalog with a full suite of mounts for both power and manual chair users. The catalog is available for free online at and is a great way to spark your mounting imagination and figure out what solutions will work best for you. In addition to quality photos and tons of products, the catalog shows which chairs each mount works with. RAM touts their products as “rugged, adjustable and modular,” and the combination has won the hearts and minds of people with disabilities everywhere.

Ian Mackay already used a RAM Mount for his phone, but the guys at RAM Mounts also hooked him up with one for his tablet and a RAM Level Cup XL.

Ian Mackay already used a RAM Mount for his phone, but the guys at RAM Mounts also hooked him up with one for his tablet and a RAM Level Cup XL.


For the Style-Conscious User

Ffora offers a simple yet elegant attachment system that users can clip around any tubing on their chair or device and then secure using a provided key. The two-piece system ($49) comes in three finishes, and the site prompts you to select what type of chair you use to ensure the proper fit. Once attached, the system makes it easy to slide in any of Ffora’s other accessories. They have already launched a cupholder ($25) and a small “Essentials” bag ($108), each available in different colors. Learn more about Ffora at and keep an eye out for new accessories later this year.

For the Power User

Pow!r Mount’n Mover Pow!r Mount’n Mover by BlueSky Designs enables greater independence for power chair users with limited upper mobility via adaptive switches that control the position and movement of the mounting system. It is capable of holding a wide variety of devices, including tablets, laptops, phones, speech devices and backpacks, and can even control a self-suction machine for respiratory issues — something that would otherwise have to be done by an attendant, friend or stranger.

The system has programmable “Go-To Target” positions, and the mount has a load capacity of 15 pounds. It comes with a rechargeable battery and can also be run off power from a power chair or wall outlet. In addition to mounting on power chairs, the system can be mounted on a floor stand, table or bed. Systems start at $3,600. For the DIYer

For a simple, functional mount, sometimes all you need is the right amount of modular hosing and any regular mount or holder. Hosing like Loc-Line also works great as a hydration solution for people with limited mobility, providing a fixed line from your water bottle or drink. If you discover you have a passion for making mounts, has a helpful assistive technology page and sells starter kits to fuel your passion.

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