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As you may know I started Seating Matters after I personally found myself struggling with the area of seating in my early career.  There was a lack of resources available in this area and I often found that equipment options were very limited, as well as being inferior and very expensive.  Aside from these challenges, seating just wasn’t a priority for many facilities, with an over-reliance on mattresses and cushions to address the issues of comfort and pressure management.

Myself and my clinical team have worked hard to put together a wealth of educational resources to help address these concerns, improving the knowledge of seating to ensure better patient outcomes.  See a list of our top free resources below.

Please use this link to refer a friend or colleague to check out these resources to help change the world of healthcare seating together.

Key resource highlights:

This is the most comprehensive list of Top 75 Disability Blogs on the internet and we are truly honored to be part of this list!

The top 5 blog posts over the past year, read by over 50,000 people in 34 countries include:

  • Our new Live Chat feature is a great resource- if you have a question, ask our Internal Seating Specialists via the Live Chat feature on the bottom right hand of your screen on our website and get your answer in real time!

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I have dedicated my career to seating and have made it my personal mission to change the world of healthcare seating.  Through my fundamental goals of completing research to add to the evidence base for specialist seating and then educating clinicians worldwide through training, events and free resources, together we can create the change that needs to happen. Even now, still too many people are unaware of the importance of seating and this is why I dedicate so much time on an ongoing basis to the resources on this website, the blog section, the informational and ‘how to’ videos as well as the free resources and training sessions we offer to clinicians across the world.

I feel we have covered a lot of key topics in the website to date but we plan to keep adding to the content and to keep growing the website, keeping it as useful as possible for clinicians and family members who seek information on seating for their patients and loved ones.

We welcome your feedback – if you need help in a certain area that isn’t covered, or would like to make a suggestion for a topic to focus on we’d appreciate your input, you can make your suggestions via this link and it will only take seconds of your time but will be invaluable to us!

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