Google’s Live Transcribe App Converts Speech To Text In Real Time For Deaf People

screenshot of android phone showing speech converted to text on the live transcribe app. The text reads

In order to make conversations a lot easier for deaf people, Google recently introduced a new app called Live Transcribe that will convert people’s voices to text in real time. Using Google’s cloud based automatic speech recognition, Live Transcribe captures people’s speech and converts it into real time captions for the deaf user and displays them on the phone. The words appear on the phone as they are spoken. The app captures speech using just the phone’s built-in mic – no additional accessory is needed.

The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2055, there will be 900 million people with hearing loss world wide. Apps like Live Transcribe can help several people who are deaf or are hard of hearing break barriers and enable them to communicate in environments where they may not have access to a sign language interpreter or other assistive technology and accessible features.

Live Transcribe is a free app, and you can download it from the Play Store of your Android Phone. It supports over 70 languages and dialects, and also provides bilingual support with quick switch between two languages.

Source: Google

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