Grandma on a Mission: Custom-Made Pants for People with Down Syndrome

Growing up, did your grandma ever make you handmade apparel? Karen Bowersox took this idea for her granddaughter who has Down Syndrome to the next level. She founded the clothing line, NBZ Apparel International, which stands for No Buttons/Zipperless.

The company’s specialty is jeans but they also sell khakis and black pants. All pants have an elastic waist, belt loops, shorter proportioned legs and a mock fly to simplify dressing. And the best part is that every Downs Designs order includes custom fitting and alterations to ensure a comfortable fit.

NBZ doesn’t just design pants for people with Down Syndrome in mind. They’ve expanded their designs to benefit people with Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injuries, seniors, and anyone else who finds buttons and zippers difficult to use and the porportions of their pants to never fit quite right.

What a great example of making an idea a reality!

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