Jess Now Sitting in Her “Life Changing” Chair That Helps With Her EDS and POTS.

Jess Hodges is 26 and lives in Lincolnshire, UK with her parents.  Jess suffers from various conditions that effect her everyday life, resulting in her having to spend a lot of time in bed and seated.  She has epilepsy, Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) and postural orthostatic tachycardia (PoTS).  PoTS effects Jess’s heart rate meaning low blood pressure.  The symptoms are often relieved when lying down so Jess would have spent hours lying in bed, unable to sit out as it was very uncomfortable for her. 


Jess Hodges 2 edit.jpgJess’s mum Liz and dad Ted are Jess’s full time carers.  Liz says, “The chair has been amazing.  It has meant we have been able to get Jess out of bed for the first time in ages.”  Jess’s family booked a Seating Assessment to discover which chair would be most suitable for her needs.  Click here to find out more about our Seating Assessments. 

“Before Jess got her chair, her only option was to sit out in a wheelchair and it was too uncomfortable, resulting in her being in pain.  Now, I can see how relaxed she is.  She no longer has spasms and she is sitting so comfortably.  The chair is life changing and is already making a huge difference to her life,” said Liz. 

“The chair is life changing and making a huge difference.”

Conor Lynch, the local Seating Specialist visited Jess and her family in their home to carry out a Seating Assessment.  He made recommendations for Jess and it was identified that she required a high degree of tilt in space to assist with her PoTS.  Jess’s low blood pressure means that it is more beneficial for her to have her legs elevated.  Conor recommended the Sorrento with a waterfall back and 45 degree tilt.  Click here to find out more about the benefits of tilt in space.  

Jess Hodges 3 edit.jpg

Liz says, “I am so grateful to Conor.  He wasn’t just selling a chair, he was concerned about Jess and wanted to ensure he got the chair completely right for her.  When Conor came back to set the chair up, he was so good and I just want to thank him so much.”

Liz continues, “The chair is so easy to push around the house, it’s just fantastic.  Jess now sits and watches television with us, she really integrates with the family and this is something she was unable to do before.  I just wish we found the chair years ago.” Liz adds, “Jess loves her chair and she is so pleased with it.  She has got lovely patio doors in her bedroom so she is already talking about sitting by them in the summer looking outside!”

I am so pleased to hear we were able to help Jess and her family have a better quality of life.  If you have someone in mind who would benefit from a Seating Assessment, please get in touch and we will be delighted to help.


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