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A New Grant Opportunity for Artists and Innovators with SCI

If you’ve dreamed of designing a new type of camera mount for your wheelchair, creating a graphic novel anchored in your experiences as a wheelchair user, or bringing to life any other type of creative project but need some financial help to get over the hump, you may be in luck. The SCI Artist-Innovator fund will be awarding 10-12 grants of up to $7,500 each to applicants with spinal cord injuries. Check out the full details here.


Is ‘Medicare for All’ Medicare for Us?

“If it is done right, universal health coverage has the potential to transform disability in America in a way we haven’t seen since the ADA was signed,” writes Seth McBride in our latest News Analysis. Let’s take a dive into the current state of the “Medicare for All” debate and its potential implications for the disability community.


Trevor Kennison is on Another Level

Sit-skier Trevor Kennison is redefining the limits of the sport. Take a few moments to watch him send it into Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A 20-foot drop into one of the gnarliest ski runs in America? Yeah, why not?


Exploring the Galápagos Islands

While the Galápagos Islands might be remote — in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador — they can be surprisingly accessible. Whether snorkeling through an exposed lava tube, checking out the famed giant tortoises or hiking to sea-bird colonies, few experiences are off limits to an adventurous wheelchair user with the right guide.

Living Through the Sting of Disability

No matter how long ago our injuries were, the sting of disability is often something that never goes away. Here’s some wisdom from long-time wheelchair users about how to face the hard stuff head-on so you can move forward, find joy and live your best life: “Be in the world. Be part of the community, be with people, understand and appreciate what you have, be brave, take chances and live life as a verb — by doing!”

Help NM Help Prospective College Students

NM plans to create a comprehensive guide to colleges and universities for students of any age who use wheelchairs. Please take a few minutes to share what you consider the most important information the guide could provide — your input could help a new generation break barriers to employment and opportunity.

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