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Beyond the Screen with Social Media Influencers

Amid the isolation and boredom imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, people are turning to social media more than ever to find a sense of community and a little bit of fun. Fortunately, these days there’s no dearth of quality disability content on the web. Brook McCall talks with the wheelchair users behind three of the most entertaining social media channels on the internet to learn why they chose this path, how they built their followings and, most importantly, what life is like on the other side of the screen.


FAQ About COVID-19 and SCI/D with Mount Sinai’s Dr. Thomas Bryce

In order to clear up some confusion about how disability does and doesn’t increase risk factors associated with COVID-19, we reached out to Dr. Thomas Bryce, the medical director of Mount Sinai Hospital’s spinal cord injury program. Click here to find out whether SCI in itself increases risk and which injury levels are likely to cause more COVID-19 complications.


Switch Control Changed My World

There may not be anyone in the world with a greater understanding of how switch control — Apple’s revolutionary accessibility feature — can be leveraged to increase independence for high level quads than Todd Stabelfeldt. In his newest column, he breaks down this foundational technology’s effect on his world. “I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to independently send my wife a text for the first time,” writes Stabelfeldt. “The potential ripples from this blew my mind.”

Assistive Technology Webinar Series

Now more than ever, assistive technologies are our lifeline to independence, productivity and fun. To share some of the coolest technologies available, Tyler Schrenk of Assistive Technology Consulting is hosting a series of free webinars. Each one will feature 45 to 60 minutes of live demonstrations, installation tips and Q&As with guests from a variety of companies, including Google, MXT Virtual Reality, Kinova Robotics and more. Click the link for the full lineup and to sign up.

Free Vitamin C for NM Readers

Maintaining proper levels of vitamin C in your body is vital for keeping your immune system functioning properly and warding off bugs, coronavirus or otherwise. But not all of us get enough vitamin C in our diets. To help in these challenging times, Ubee Nutrition, is offering a free bottle of vitamin C to New Mobility readers and members of United Spinal Association. Click the link for full details on how to get yours.

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