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Wheelchair Users in Video Games

As video games continue to grow more mainstream, they have faced many of the same representation issues that traditional media like movies and television have. Teal Sherer reports on how a new generation of designers are starting to include disability on today’s gaming platforms.


Lorenzo Milam, Unique Voice in the Disability Canon: 1933-2020

Lorenzo Wilson Milam, a polio survivor known widely for creating community radio stations, died at his residence in Oaxaca, Mexico, on July 19. Longtime New Mobility readers knew him as the colorful author of CripZen: A Manual for Survival and a frequent contributor of thought-provoking essays and stories based on his life.


The Apex Carbon From Motion Composites

Carbon fiber wheelchairs are becoming ever more common and they certainly have style, but are they worth the price? We put our product guy on the case. He swapped out his titanium frame for a multi-week test of the Apex Carbon from Motion Composites and found that this high-tech material definitely has its advantages. Check out the full report.

The Power of Peer Support

For the first few decades of gimpdom, Richard Holicky had an informal network of wheelchair users to learn from and bounce ideas off, but he’d never attended a peer support group. After losing a few friends “to the Great Beyond,” he signed up for a long-running group through Craig Hospital and found a community beyond all of his expectations. He shares what make good groups tick, including committing to confidentiality and remaining nonjudgmental.

COVID Resource: DIY Sip-and-Puff Mask Modifications

In July, we highlighted Montana quad Tyler Stosich’s novel adaptation that allows him to control his sip-and-puff chair while wearing an N95 mask. Hot on Stosich’s heels, Shepherd Center’s Assistive Technology Center created guides that show DIYers how to modify both an N95 and a fabric mask for sip-and-puff in five minutes.

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