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Refusing to Die: The Chris Dunn Story

It may be hard to believe that in today’s world there are still hospitals that send a newly-injured quadriplegic to hospice rather than rehab, but that was just what a facility in Maine recommended for Chris Dunn after a diving accident in 2018. Thanks to relentless advocacy from his mother, United Spinal and other organizations, Dunn was able to fight back and eventually get to the Shepard Center for rehab — and he recently made it back home in time for the holidays. Read more about this amazing, and infuriating, story here.


Guinness World Record for Most Power Wheelchair Spins in One Minute

There are a lot of things to love about this video of an Australian power chair user whipping through 120 spins in a single minute. There’s the carnival-ride speed, the custom-rigged chair, the part at the end where he looks like he’s about to lose it into the wall before easing out of the whirlwind with a look of pure nausea on his face … We could add more, but if you have 55 seconds to spare, you should really just watch it.


How to Compare (and NOT Compare) Your SCI to Others

Comparing yourself to other wheelchair users, whether in terms of physical function or functional abilities, can be a double-edged sword — sometimes providing motivation and encouragement, sometimes leading to envy and unrealistic expectations. When playing the comparison game, we need to keep our unique lives and situations in perspective. “It is our responsibility to determine our metrics for personal fulfillment and to determine the level of sacrifice we are willing to make to reach goals on our terms,” writes Brook McCall.

Reclaiming Your Fashion Sense

After winding up with C4 quadriplegia at the age of 16, Sheri Denkensohn-Trott struggled for a long time to get comfortable enough with her body to start dressing the way she wanted. But once she started embracing her inner fashionista, she never looked back. Here are her pro tips — from having a tailor remove rear pockets, to wearing shirts with slits in the sides for the best appearance while sitting, to owning various sizes of shoes to accommodate foot swelling — for looking your best, whatever your body’s quirks.

Possible Side Effects of Long-Term Spinal Cord Injury

For those who’ve been living with paralysis for many years, spinal stenosis — a narrowing of spaces within the spinal column — can cause unwanted complications like numbness and muscle weakness in the hands and arms. Bob Vogel gives the rundown on everything you need to know about diagnosis and treatment.

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