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Geek Media Editor Jill Pantozzi: From the Margins to Mainstream

Jill Pantozzi, a scooter user with spinal muscular atrophy, is the editor-in-chief at io9, one of the most influential websites covering sci-fi and fantasy. “As geek culture becomes more mainstream, with brands like Marvel, DC and Star Wars dominating movie and TV screens, it is also becoming more diverse and more inclusive,” writes Aaron Broverman in this month’s cover profile. Take a peek at how Pantozzi is leading the way.


Beyond Campaign Slogans to True Inclusion?

The race for a democratic presidential nomination has produced an unprecedented level of engagement between candidates and the disability community. Not only are would-be nominees hiring disabled staff and using accessible venues but they’re also proposing policy initiatives to end the benefits cliff, reduce disabled unemployment, provide adequate health care and more. Is this the change we’ve been fighting for?


Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Spasms, sleep apnea, pain and positioning are but a few of the many issues standing between wheelchair users and a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips on how to reclaim your zzz’s by being physically active during the day, rethinking your covers or mattress, and using CBD and other natural sleep aids.

Better Living Through Vitamins

Vitamins and natural supplements can offer many benefits, like supporting your immune system and helping you fend off bladder issues. But not all vitamins are created equal, which is why quad Mary Twohey and her partners at Ubee Nutrition started making all-natural supplements with no fillers, additives or flow agents. They even have a product specifically formulated to reduce both UTIs and inflammation often associated with SCI.

The Half-Roll: Advice on How Not to Go Kayaking

If you’re going to try kayaking for the first time, making sure the vessel has some outriggers might be a good idea. Kary Wright offers this and other advice worth considering before you push onto the water, in his latest Outdoor Tracks, a classic of what not to do when you combine a quad with a small, tippy boat.

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