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LapStacker Available for Pre-order

An ingenious new product, the LapStacker, attaches underneath the seat of any manual wheelchair and features two retractable straps that snap together like a seat belt over whatever the wheelchair user is carrying. It’s in the middle of a KickStarter campaign and while the company reached its funding goal in just 26 hours, you have until March 8 to pre-order a LapStacker for significantly less than retail price.


Seeking New Confessions

Life as a wheelchair user has a way of leading to  awkward and often hilarious situations. Have any great stories to share that may be a little too embarrassing for public acknowledgement? Send them to Anonymity guaranteed!


Synchronized Flipping

Take 10 seconds to enjoy this ridiculousness, as adaptive athlete Woody Belfort gets a crowd hyped up with a flat-ground backflip. Did you see that hop at the end?!


Sexuality After SCI: Creating a Lasting, Transformative Resource

Think back to rehab and you probably remember the old sexuality video they made you watch. “The video is horrible, but it was the only tape out,” says Angela Riccobono, who helped create a new, less … sterile … series of education videos called “Sexuality After SCI.” The videos are available for free online, and there’s not a mullet or hospital bed in sight.

Inventive Tech

Whether using an Xbox One with Kinect to control a television, a Wemo Outlet to turn lights on and off with a phone or even an Amazon Echo to control a cough machine, the TSF foundation is a great resource that can help you adapt technology to live in your home as independently and affordably as possible.

The Fight for Independence

Six months of bed confinement led Tim Gilmer to shoulder problems and loss of strength, robbing him of his ability to drive independently. It took a lot of trial and error and ultimately spending more money than he wanted, but Gilmer was able keep geezerdom at bay and get back on the road. “It’s amazing how restored independence affects your feelings of well-being,” he writes.

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