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Segway’s Egg-Shaped ‘Wheelchair’

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, Segway debuted a new self-balancing personal mobility device that looks suspiciously like a wheelchair, though at least one tech outlet dubbed it an “adult stroller.” Seriously. With a seat that appears more difficult to get into than a bunk bed, the “S-Pod” may be better suited for mall cops than people with mobility limitations, but at least it looks like something out of Star Trek and has a hyper-drive top speed of 24 mph.

HAPPY 30th, ADA!

Our ADA Coverage: The Early Years

The ADA turns 30 this year, but once it was just a gleam in advocates’ eyes. That vision produced a beautiful, ambitious baby, full of promise and hope, and from the beginning New Mobility reported on the milestones reached by this landmark civil rights law. Now, we crack open the time capsule.


You Are Not Alone: My Quadriplegic Employment Journey

In our new “Work Works” column, attorney, disability employment advocate and C4-5 quad Josh Basile takes on the sticky topic of employment — specifically how to find, secure and maintain a fulfilling job while retaining access to all the services you need. First up, Basile shares his employment journey and how it’s possible to maintain Medicaid, even when you’re earning an income.

What Caregivers Care About

In order to get a fresh perspective on what it takes to find and keep quality caregivers, Ian Ruder talked with five caregivers who have been working with the same client for at least five years. From the caregivers’ perspective, he found, the key to longevity isn’t the money — it’s the relationships, which are often built on three key themes: respect, family and communication.

Final Food for Thought

In her final “Eat Well” column, Joanne Smith wishes us all bon appétit with one last recipe — a strategic plan of four steps to help you achieve your future nutrition goals.

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