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3D-Printed Implants May Offer a Unique Approach for Treating Spinal Cord Injury

With all the recent talk of epidural stimulation, it can be easy to miss the exciting research using stem cells to regenerate spinal cords. A new study from researchers at the University California San Diego uses a 3D-printed scaffold to protect stem cells and help them bridge the injury site. Bob Vogel reports on why this is big news for restoring function after SCI.


Dr. Phil Spawns a Disability Hashtag

A recent episode of Dr. Phil — yes, apparently, he’s still a thing — featured a young quad and his girlfriend, with Dr. Phil haranguing them about how caregiving and romance don’t mix: “It won’t work, 100 out of 100 times this won’t work.” Fortunately, we have the internet — where disabled and interabled couples are banding together with the hashtag #100outof100 to give the world a fuller view of what love with a disability looks like.


Pushing the Edge of SCI Function

Ever met a C5-6 motor complete quad who self-transfers into an unmodified car and ties his own shoes? Seth McBride talks with Eddie Crouch about the mental side of maximizing everyday function. “Physical strength might be helpful but it’s not going to get you anywhere without stubbornness, critical thinking and a great deal of patience,” he asserts.

Seize the Oar: The Joys of Adaptive Rowing

While not as well-known as other adaptive sports, rowing is great for wheelchair users — it can build strength, improve your cardiovascular system and help balance your shoulders. And it’s a whole lot of fun. Whether you want to compete or just get the blood flowing, Teal Sherer shares what you need to get started.

Cut the Cleanse

Cleanses are big in the world of dieting and nutrition right now. The specifics vary, but the idea is that cutting out a significant portion of your diet for a set period of time or “flushing” the liver with herbal supplements can give your body a detox. In reality, “many of these intense, short-term concoctions are actually detrimental to liver function and can make you feel worse,” writes Joanne Smith. By including foods that support liver detoxification throughout the year, you’ll feel better without shocking your system. Plus, you get to eat frittatas.

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