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When It Comes to COVID-19, It’s Not You, It’s We

“What bugs me is the notion that some people need to be more careful than others. It’s the same frustration I feel when I see photos of beaches packed with people and only a few wearing masks,” blogs Brigham Fordham about a church acquaintance visiting him without a mask. “After everything we’ve seen in this pandemic, I don’t understand how so many people can still think health is a personal choice based on individual risk. People decide they don’t need to take precautions but that I do — as if their acts have no effect on the dangerousness of the world we both share.”


Vote For Access

In the new series “Vote for Access,” writer, activist and disabled voter Imani Barbarin goes in depth on the state of voting accessibility, or lack of, in America. Produced by Rooted in Rights, the empowering series hopes to jump start a national conversation that goes far beyond mail-in ballots to describe the multiplicity of barrier-breaking innovations we will need to make sure every vote counts.


People Swear They’re Helping Tho’ 

If you have half a minute to spare and need a chuckle, check out this video from wheelchair user and Tik-Tok pro Adam Lucio. It gives a look at one of the variants of the oblivious good Samaritan: definitely-in-the-way-door-opener-guy. We didn’t know it was possible, but COVID has made these do-gooders even more of a nuisance.


Vitaglide Is Back. Is It Better?

Our product guy, Michael Franz, recently had the opportunity to test out the newly redesigned Vitaglide — a workout machine that offers both cardio and strength in a single push/pull motion. The makers, he says, “achieved a tremendous feat by combining so many exercises into one machine that can be used independently or with minimal assistance.” Read the full review here.

Caring for Your Parents From a Wheelchair

Your parents are getting on in years. They’re definitely slowing down and in need of an occasional hand, a need that will likely only increase with time. They were there when you most needed them, and now it’s your turn. We reached out to four wheelers who have dealt with different issues around caring for aging parents while also caring for themselves and others. Here is what they learned.

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