Planning Out a Road Trip with Someone in a Wheelchair

Are you and your loved one adventure lovers? You might be planning a road trip with your loved ones, right? And you are on this page because your loved one is in a wheelchair, and you want to plan a perfect wheelchair road trip.

Road trips with your dearest ones are full of fun and provide you with inexpensive experience to make your moments more beautiful and memorable. So, we can understand your concerns regarding planning a road tour with someone in a wheelchair and how challenging it may seem.

Here is a clear guide on how to plan a road trip with someone in a wheelchair.

  • Decide your destination

You need to plan a destination for your trip after a lot of research and consultation with your loved one. You can Google wheelchair mobile destinations or simply visit the blogs with wheelchair accessible destination lists. Check out some of our own blog posts for great wheelchair destinations.

Explore each location and select the one that fits your needs.

Tip: Try to pick a destination having the accessibility of; your favorite sights, hotels with wheelchair accessible rooms, wheelchair transport or taxis, pavements with plunged curbs and un-rushed shops and restaurants.

  • Decide to hire a travel tour specialist or not

If you feel like you can’t handle the journey on your own, hire a travel tour specialists. You will find various travel agencies who specialize in managing road trips for disabled people. However, it may cost you a lot, so decide whether you want to manage at your own or hiring an agent fits into your budget.

  • Deciding on mode of transportation

Again seems useless? But, for a road trip, you will need some kind of vehicle.

So, before starting your journey decide, whether you will use personal vehicle for the trip or rent the one. How will you start the journey from home? Is it a hop from your departure city or one-way trip?

You may have three options to decide your vehicle;

  • The most convenient– use your personal vehicle. You can easily keep all your stuff therein, and also, your loved one may be used to it.
  • The feasible one– fly to your desired destination and rent an accessible vehicle there. You can get a wheelchair vain on rent from numerous independent dealers around the country.  
  • Least Practical– rent a wheelchair recreational vehicle (RV). RV listings and regular ones might mix-up, so make sure you pick the right one.
  • Pick a Hotel

The most crucial yet challenging task while planning a road trip is to pick a hotel in an unknown city or country. However, you can book wheelchair accessible hotel rooms online now.

Tip: Pick the hotel with a clear description of having an accessible tub or roll-in shower. Otherwise, you may call the hotel to confirm it or search online for accessible rooms. Search in Google like ‘wheelchair accessible hotels (city name)’.

  • Some other essentials to check
  • You will need to charge your mobile and other electrical devices, right? Ask yourself what kind of adapters you will need to charge your devices?
  • Disasters are natural. Make sure to get the travel insurance before starting your journey.
  • Be prepared for emergencies. Make sure you have extra medication; extra clothes; extra money and other necessary items.

That’s all! Be positive inside to feel the real beauty of your tour and have an adventure with your loved one.

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