Karma® eFlexx (F14 / F20) Motorized Folding Travel Wheelchair

Karma® Mobility Solutions

The eFlexx (EFL) is a foldable power wheelchair that can fit into the trunk of a sedan. This power chair is ideal for users who live in an area where wheelchair accessible transportation is not readily available. The battery is in compliance with UN38.3 regulation, which makes it the perfect power chair for travel overseas.


  • Compact & Lightweight Power Wheelchair
  • Airline Compliant 26.1A Lithium Batteries
  • ISO 7176-19 Approved & Suitable As A Seat In Motor Vehicles

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The Flexx is designed with key adjustments to create a suitable sitting environment and fit individual needs. The ellipse-shaped frame design makes the Flexx stylish and durable. The configuration options of the Flexx include seat depths, seat to ground heights, backrest heights and backrest angles, caster fork angles and center of gravity. It can be set up to provide optimum comfort and performance for the user.


  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: With the lithium battery and leg rests removed, the eFlexx is as compact as a luggage. The total weight, including the 14 inch rear wheels and without the battery, is only 29kg.
  • BATTERY OPTION: Standard: 26.1 Ah (657.7Wh) lithium battery provides 25 km driving range.
    Optional: 11.5 Ah (290Wh) lithium battery offers 10 km driving range and is in compliance with IATA regulation..
  • ROBUST & CRASH TESTED: The sturdy double cross brace provides extra stability. eFlexx is approved for transportation in accordance with ISO 7176-19, which means it is suitable to be used as a seat in a motor vehicle for transportation.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: The adjustable features are intuitively designed for easy operation and color-coded with a distinct bright color..
  • FLIP-BACK ARMRESTS: Makes it easy to get in and out the wheelchair or roll closer to a table or desk. The armrest height is adjustable from 23 cm to 29 cm.
  • DETACHABLE SWING-AWAY FOOTRESTS: Allow for easy transfer in and out the wheelchair and detach with no tools required. The footplate height is adjustable from 39 cm to 51 cm.
  • EQUIPPED WITH PIONEERING SAFETY CONTROL, REDUCING RISK WHEN STANDING: What about an emergency situation? Ergo Stand equipped with the safety control, which is separated from the main circuit system, so the user can return to the sitting position regardless of the status of the controller or the motor. (Slight power is required for this function).

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