Samsung Good Vibes App Lets Deafblind People Text Using Morse Code

image of a samsung phone with the good vibes app interface. It displays the word hello in english and morse code. Someone's fingers are resting on the phone as if they just tapped the word.

Developed in association with Sense International India, Samsung Good Vibes is an app for deafblind people that lets them communicate with others using Morse Code!

The app has two interfaces  – “Deafblind mode” and “Caregiver mode”. In Deafblind mode, the entire screen turns black and becomes an interface for the user to tap on with their fingers using Morse Code. Morse Code consists of dots and dashes, and letters from the English alphabet in various combinations of said dots and dashes can be formed with the app by just tapping anywhere on the screen. Short tap is a dot, long press is a dash, 2 finger tap is space, 2 finger long pass  deletes letter, and flipping the phone sends the message. The Caregiver mode is regular mode for sighted people.

Watch the video below to see how it works. Warning: Get some tissues ready – this video will make you bawl your eyes out!

The app is available for free on the Galaxy Store for Samsung phones.

image showing morse code equivalents of english letters that can be tapped with samsung good vibesMorse Code for English letters that can be tapped on the screen with Samsung Good Vibes app.

Source: Samsung

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