The Use Of Mobile Showers

What are Mobile Showers?

Mobile showers are equipment that assists the elderly and disabled to manoeuvre themselves independently and privately in the bathroom. It’s a waterproof wheelchair manufactured to simplify the task of showering or toileting. In addition to its dual purpose, it can minimize the number of transfers a person has to complete during the day to carry out their basic daily routine. Transferring from a wheelchair to a toilet, bed or shower can be physically tiring. Therefore, a mobility shower chair is a wonderful option to minimize the number of transfers and preserve energy during the day for other activities.

How mobile showers can help

The benefits of the mobile shower are manifold. Whilst assisting the user to be seated in a supported position and keeping transfers to a minimum it is an asset for the caregiver as well. However, an assessment from an occupational therapist is recommended,

Since bathrooms are likely to be a danger zone due to hard and slippery surfaces, using a mobile shower device can be a safety measure. It is ideal for minimizing the risk of falls and slips. It also offers support to those who find it difficult to stand in the shower and transferring or moving to and out of the bathroom easier.

Personal hygiene in seniors is also promoted. Most seniors lose confidence in their capabilities and after a while sacrifice their hygiene to remain safe. However, the risk of using the bathroom has reduced significantly permitting seniors to feel confident using the space with the help of this device.

Mobile Showers at Independent Living Specialists

Various equipment is now available at Independent Living Specialists stores throughout Australia to suit different people and their requirements. The devices are sourced from reputed brands such as Care Quip, Ausmedic, Sunrise Medical, K.Care, and many others specially chosen for the user’s comfort, safety, and durability.

With its full powered adjustment, the Aquatec Ocean E-VIP shower chair commode allows carers to carry out personal care in safety and comfort; minimizing the risk of injury. Adjustment of the height and tilt is possible at the push of a button, ensuring an effortless working environment. The Ocean E-VIP can be accessorized to suit a wide range of physical needs, making it a cost effective alternative to prescription based chairs. The Ocean E-VIP has a 150kg weight limit.

Assistance with seniors and disabled individuals

The elderly are probably to be most at risk for shower-related injuries. Many of us assume, taking a shower as a simple task for most of our lives, but the ageing process gradually reduces the strength, balance, and motor function, resulting in probable slips and falls. A mobile shower is the best option for seniors who are at risk of having an accident in the shower

The mobile shower can also enhance the independence, prestige, and safety of those who are disabled or immobile including individuals with physical disabilities or intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Product and Pricing

Product Price/$ Details
Aqua Elite Shower Commode Transit 395.99 This device comes with 4 easily moveable wheels to get into small spaces. Two rear braked casters permit the chair to be secured in the bathroom and click on/off with the feet. The commode pot slides in and out from the rear of the chair and comes with a lid and vanity shroud.
Shower Commode-Mobile-Folding 1,779.99 This device assists to transport the patient for showering and toileting. Foldable neatly with padded commode seat and adjustable height swing-away leg rest and swing back arms to assist patient transfers
Drive Medical  Aston Shower Commode Self Propelling 795.99 This device provides a multi-purpose solution for a patient’s toileting and showering needs. The commode chair is ideal for daily use and has armrests that flip up for side transfers. It is a heavy-duty model useable for commercial and domestic environments.
Shower Commode-Mobile-Transit 1,195.99 This device assists the transportation of the patient for showering and toileting and can be positioned over the toilet for toileting. Height swings away leg rests are adjustable & assist patient transfers. Swing-back arms for side transfers and PVC slatted backrest.

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