The Use of Terrain Mobility Scooters In Australia

People on the verge of retiring, usually, plan to spend their lives on their own home as long as possible. However, ageing healthily isn’t guaranteed and invariably a lease 40% of those above 65 are struck with at least one disability, and at least two-thirds of it are mobility disabilities. Getting about with these disabilities is an immense challenge for the seniors, but the best news is that the mobility options for the aged in Australia are manifold and this suffices them to be confined to their homes and maintain their independence.

Independent Living Specialists specializes in providing a wide range of electric mobility scooters for the disabled and senior citizens Australia wide. In addition, they have branded terrain/ hill climbing scooters especially designed for tough driving conditions.

Terrain Mobility Scooters

The results of the usual ageing process are tiredness, health issues, and immobility. Those who prefer to age maintaining their freedom may find this depressive. When they realize that walking on their own is becoming dangerous and difficult, it might be the right time to consider a mobility scooter.

Terrain mobility scooters resemble standard scooters, except that it is specially manufactured to travel on uneven surfaces and outdoor areas. The strong structures and distinct features support a smooth drive with easy operation and performance with the front and rear wheel suspension.

These scooters are also ideal for seniors who love going outside. It’s a tool that allows participation in outdoor activities with your kith and kin on family excursions or even a grandchild’s sporting event. Most are equipped with long battery life to support an uninterrupted drive.

Due to its simple operation, even the caregivers prefer these scooters as minimum attention and instruction are required in the usage.

Use of Terrain Scooters for Independence

Seniors and the disabled can achieve a smooth and hassle-free ride with the use of a terrain scooter. Usually, it is common for the elderly to invest in mobility equipment that can assist them to get around safely and easily. Losing the ability to be mobile can be distressing, but there are many options and preferences to manage the life of your own. Using an all-terrain mobility scooters are considered beneficial when attending outdoor events undoubtedly with either friends, family, or by yourself.

Pride 150XL Turbo Mobility Scooter with 100AH Batteries

This strong all-terrain Pathrider mobility scooter with 100AH batteries is priced at $9,995.99 and equipped with everything an outdoor scooter should have to last a lifetime. With a weight capacity of 350lbs at a maximum speed of 6.2 mph and assembled with the front and rear suspension, this agile scooter has been specially manufactured to navigate on walking tracks or driving around your homeland. The complete LED lighting supports total visibility along with LED user-friendly console displaying time, temperature, mileage, trips taken, and dual hydraulic brakes for additional safety.

Its key features include limited recline, black vinyl, high back seat with lumbar and pillow-top headrest, flip-up height and angle-adjustable armrests. The rear bumper is durable and stylish in its own way. Guaranteed warranty of 2 years on the frame, 1 year on electronics, and 6 months on the battery.

How Independent Living Specialists can help

Independent Living Specialists have partnered with brands that symbolize the Australian mobility equipment industry and work with local and international companies to produce the most extensive selection of products to provide excellent quality and range of solutions.

Any product to suit the requirement including the Pride 150XL Terrain Mobility Scooter with 100AH Batteries is available in all ILS stores Australia wide with free delivery to the door for online customers. Products are also available on hire with roadside assistance for emergencies. Customer care services in the stores are par excellence when it comes to assistance in making the right choice.

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