There are different types of walkers to suit a person’s mobility requirement. This device come in handy when it is difficult to walk easily without assistance. It is also very helpful for those who have undergone surgery and are trying to regain mobility. It supports a person’s weight when they walk and assists in keeping the balance.

Independent Living Specialists has a wide range of walkers for bariatric usage in their stores Australia wide and the top 5 walkers preferred by their customers weighing over 100kg are the heavy-duty walking frame, Royale seat walker, HERO seat walker-heavy-duty trekker, Hero medical wheelchair/rollator and medical carbon fibre Nitro elite super lightweight Seat Walker

The Heavy-Duty Walking Frame

This heavy-duty walking frame helps those who have difficulty walking and its wide frame is ideal for bariatric users. The height is adjustable according to the user and could be folded flat for easy transportation. Sustainable user weight limit of maximum 200kg.

It has wheels fixed in the front for easy movability and a pushdown brake system. The frame is constructed with durable chromed steel and moulded plastic handles for extra support and comfort.

The Royale Seat Walker

This premium bariatric device has a sustainable user weight limit of maximum 200kg, built with a strong aluminium frame and sturdy construction for extra durability and strength. Highly recommendable for indoor and outdoor usage. Its performance on uneven, outdoor or rough surfaces is enhanced with its 8-inch castors. It is also foldable to a compact case.

Hero seat walker heavy-duty trekker

This walker from the ‘Hero’ brand is highly recommended for bariatric requirements. It can be packed into a vinyl bag without disassembling. Better movability and mobility outdoors is provided due to its large castors along with extra comfort and support with its curved padded backrest. The frame is metallic along with reinforced steel frame.

The wide seat and reinforced frame are ideal for any bariatric user. It could be folded compactly for transportation or storage. The handles are adjustable according to height and handbrakes are lockable for added support. The device can sustain a maximum weight of 170kg.

Hero Medical Wheelchair/Rollator

This is another product from the Hero brand which is a two in one product. It is a wheelchair combined with unique features of a rollator or seat walker and a transit chair. Operating this device is quite easy due to its specific design. It could be converted into a transit chair whenever needed by flipping down the footrest. This modern and stylish mobility equipment is the ideal choice for users and caregivers in terms of comfort and safety.

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