Top 8 Lift Chairs To Purchase This Winter

Winter climate changes greatly throughout the eight states and territories of Australia. Generally, the winter season starts from May to August with June to August being the coldest. However, as per the “Guardian”, this year some areas in the highlands of Australia have been covered with 30cm of snow weeks ahead of the ski season and some parts of the country’s south-east were hit by a cold snap, resulting in the earlier than usual snow blanket.

This is the time to be comfortable and staying safe and it is the ideal time to use a lift chair. With the advancement of age, the chances of being struck with various medical conditions could result in disrupting the daily activities and the simple activity of getting up and down from a seating position becomes a challenge. Lift chairs are one of the devices manufactured to assist to a standing position and thereafter carry on independently.

Lift Chairs from ILS

Independent Living Specialists has several models of lift chairs tailor-made to suit the customer’s needs. The chair can be covered in any fabric selected by the customer to suit their taste and room décor depending on the brand. Whether a lift chair is rented or bought outright from ILS, they will be with the customers with their fantastic prices, dependability and helpful delivery service.

Some of the best brands such as Pride, Drive Medical, Days Healthcare, K Care and Accora lift chairs are available in all the ILS stores Australia wide.

Difference between Single Motor and Twin Motor

A single motor lift chair is controlled by one motor which controls all the electric functions of the chair, controlling the backrest, footrest and rising functions operated with a single set of switches. The single motor-operated lift chairs are less expensive to purchase due to its simple controls being less costly to fabricate.

The Twin motor is operated with a twin motor which separately controls some functions of the chair. One motor operates the backrest and controls the footrest and riser function. Accordingly, each motor has a separate set of buttons to operate. The flexibleness of the twin-motor lift chairs has made it a more popular selection with elderly and disabled users.

Independent Living Specialists has over 35 lift chairs in various brands in their stores and the top 8 chairs are Royale Mayfair Signature electric recliner lift chair, Drive Medical Portland recliner lift chair, Pride C-101 electric recliner lift chair, Fresh Alperton Quad Motor with Head & Lumbar Power Lift Chair, Drive Medical Stella Electric Recliner Lift Chair – Leather – Twin Motor, K Care Compact Electric Recliner Lift Chair, ETON Box in Box Twin Motor with Powered Headrest Lift Chair and Pride C6 Electric Lift Chair.

Lift Chair Price $ Details
Royale Mayfair Signature Electric Recliner Lift Chair 1194.99 This is a new electrically operated lounge chair with twin-motors. It is a reliable recliner with many additional features.
Drive Medical Portland Riser Reclining Lift Chair 1399.99  This chair is made out of luxurious sofa fabric and equipped with memory foam cushions for extra comfort. Its twin-motor mechanism permits perfect comfort position in minutes.
Pride LC-101 electric reclining lift chair 1695.99 This is a 3 position, single motor lift chair with characteristic style, excellent quality, good value, luxurious comfort and solid performance. The suede upholstery is ideal to keep warm. It also includes emergency battery pack-up, 10 years warranty on the frame construction and 2 years on motor mechanisms.
Fresh Alperton Quad Motor with Head & Lumbar Power Lift Chair 2899.99 This is a smart, compact and petite twin motor lift chair with independent headrest, footrest and lumbar functions and it takes comfort to a new level. The features also include steel seat box, hand wand with USB connectivity, Battery back-up and handy lit button.
Drive Medical Stella Electric Recliner Lift Chair – Leather – Twin Motor 1495.99 This Lift Chair is electrically operated, fully upholstered lounge chair with twin motor with a 2-year comprehensive warranty. It is a reliable recliner with many additional features including foam padded seat and a two-section padded backrest for lumbar and headrest, rises and tilts user to the feet, silent motors provide smooth and safe operation and 2 side pockets for storing essentials.
K Care Compact Electric Recliner Lift Chair 3600.99 Specially manufactured for customers who need help when sitting and leaving the chair. This chair provides proven pressure relieve with the special air comfort seating system. Detachable seat and back cushions ensure a comfy fit with the electric lift and recline mechanism aiding the easy operation.
ETON Box in Box Twin Motor with Powered Headrest Lift Chair 2595.99 This chair has been manufactured with the latest technology powered headrest adjustment. Apart from the modern look, the new integral ‘box in box’ is their source of pride as this fully enclosed feature can avoid any obstruction in its way in a fully lifted position. It also includes an independent headrest function for better comfort.
Pride C6 Electric Lift Chair 1194.99 This chair has a 3 system lift system and twin motor. Ideal selection for affordable medium to large lounging chair. It has a 10year warranty on frame and 2 years on mechanism and motor warranty.

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