Tricks for Treats: Tips for an Accessible Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and even if your child has a disability, they should not be denied the chance to get dressed up and have some fun. This is a chance for them to interact with their peers and partake in the Halloween activities. Here are some tips to help your trick-or-treating go smoothly.

  • Pre-plan your route before the big day. While driving through your neighborhood on the way home, do a quick scout of areas and homes you will want to visit as well as ones you will not visit. Check out which homes are the most accessible and will not frighten your child.
  • If going house-to-house makes you a bit nervous you may want to plan your own party at home. This allows you to better control the festivities while still giving your child the chance to dress up. Invite some of their friends and neighbors over.
  • Another alternative to going house-to-house would be attending local planned events at the mall, school, or other establishments. These events may be easier to manage since they have more organization. You could also call ahead to ensure the activities are accessible for you and your child.
  • When choosing costumes, find ones that blend comfort, functionality, and fun. Think of costume ideas that may complement a wheelchair, walking aid, or scooter. For example, a wheelchair can pose as multiple things in the costume: a magic coach for a princess, magic carpet for a prince, a sports car or train. Get creative with your ideas or consult the Internet for ideas if you’re not the creative type.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, the most important thing is to have fun! Even a Halloween movie at home is enough for a fun night of laughter and memory making. Happy Halloween!

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