What is the Weight Limit on a Seating Matters Chair?

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Like most medical devices, Seating Matters chairs come with weight restrictions that must be followed. To fit someone into a chair properly, the first step is usually booking a
Seating Assessment. Even before we start assessing, we will ask for a patient’s height and weight. This helps our Specialists ensure a person will fit into one of our chairs properly and gives us an idea if the person will feel secure and comfortable.

All manufacturers will publish a maximum weight that must be adhered to. Loading someone with a heavy body weight could damage the chair and pose safety risks and accidents.  Following weight restrictions will prevent damage to the wheelchair and be more comfortable when fitted closely to someone’s frame. 

Seating Matters Weight Restrictions:

Persons up to 350 lbs (25 stone, 159 kg)  ~

Persons up to 650 lbs (46 stone, 295 kg)* ~   Bariatric Sorrento * custom options available for those above this weight

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As our Bariatric line can hold a patient with a large body weight, this line comes fully motorized, so that the tilt and recline can be used while the patient is seated in the chair. This prevents risks associated with manual handling.

By manufacturing our chairs to hold maximum weights higher than an average recliner chair (about 200 lbs), Seating Matters chairs can support a wide range of people. Taking accurate measurements is essential to seat someone properly. For more information on how to take accurate measurements, watch this quick video: 

Our local Seating Specialists have first-hand training on fitting someone into a chair and taking accurate measurements. We would be happy to take measurements in person during a complimentary Seating Assessment.

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