Why You Should be Using 45 Degree Tilt in Space

“If a person needs assistance with maintaining an upright position, what sitting angle should they be in?”

“If a person is at risk of pressure injuries, what degree of tilt should we use?” 


We’re often asked about the best degree of tilt to use for different patients. At Seating Matters, we look to the evidence and to research to inform our decision making and to influence the design of our chairs.  

We continually conduct our own research and keep abreast of the latest research available within the clinical and academic world to incorporate into the design of our products.

We take evidence based practice very seriously. 

That’s why we have developed 45 Degree Tilt on our Phoenix and Sorrento chairs.

Evidence shows that the optimum angle for an effective weight shift and therefore pressure management is between 30° and 45°. In this video Martin Tierney explains the importance of 45 Degree Tilt in managing pressure in seating. 

To find out more about the research and references mentioned in this video, request your free copy of The Clinician’s Seating Handbook. 

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