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Carolyn has access to a smartphone at all times, being able to call, text or search for the closest coffee shop using her wheelchair driving control and tecla-e. Sign up for Bell's special offer here (Canadians only).

Carolyn has access to a smartphone at all times, being able to call, text or search for the closest coffee shop using her wheelchair driving control and tecla-e. Sign up for Bell’s special offer here (Canadians only).

TORONTO, Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 — Tecla, the assistive device that provides hands-free access to technology for those with limited upper-body mobility, is about to get a whole lot more accessible for Bell customers.

The newest version of Tecla, tecla-e, joined Bell’s expanded portfolio of products and services aimed at customers with disabilities. With Tecla, Bell customers can easily access their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet using familiar assistive switches such as buttons, sip-and-puff controllers, head arrays, joysticks or the wheelchair’s driving controls.

“As a Canadian company, we’re proud to partner with Bell and provide Tecla’s hands-free technology to their customers who otherwise are unable to physically use smartphones or tablets,” said Mauricio Meza, CEO of Komodo OpenLab, the maker behind Tecla. “We look forward to giving Bell customers access to the independence that comes along with having access to the latest mobile technology.”

As a special offer for Bell customers with motor disabilities, Tecla Kits will be available at a reduced price of $263 with Bell subsidizing the remaining portion of the cost. The Tecla Kit includes one tecla-e, the assistive device that communicates wirelessly between the smart device and the assistive switch, as well as a Tecla Mount. The Tecla Mount can be used to secure the tecla-e to a bed, wheelchair or desk for hassle-free installation, mounting and re-charging of the tecla-e.

“Canada is home to some of the world’s most powerful wireless networks, yet many Canadians encounter barriers that may stop them from enjoying the opportunities that mobile technology makes possible. By including Tecla in our product portfolio at a reduced price, Bell is proud to make mobile technology more accessible to everyone,” said Blaik Kirby, President of Bell Mobility.

Tecla currently helps over 4,000 people around the world. Working with beta testers was key to Tecla’s global success. One of Tecla’s first users Toronto-native Carolyn Pioro, who suffered a devastating fall over ten years ago and now lives with quadriplegia, helped shape the product to what it is today. As a writer, she credits much of her ability to independently communicate via technology to Tecla.

For more information, please visit Bell.ca/Accessibility.

About Tecla

The tecla-e is an assistive device that gives people with upper-body mobility impairments the ability to fully access smart devices and technology –– at a fraction of the cost of traditional assistive devices. Tecla is designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada by Komodo OpenLab. For more information, visit www.gettecla.com.



Kristina Kyriakis, Marketing & Communications

Komodo OpenLab


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